Midjourney Office Hours - May 29 2024

Midjourney Office Hours – May 29, 2024

Midjourney Office Hours – May 29, 2024 by Alie Jules. A recap.

Midjourney Website

  • starting to do user testing with new users
  • starting to test more onboarding (without Discord)
  • readying for release to all
  • URL: https://alpha.midjourney.com/

Midjourney v6.1 (or v6.5)

  • getting closer to release, need one more part working
  • then need a final training run (may take several weeks)
  • better image quality, more coherence, better skin, hands, bodies, better accuracy
  • may call it v6.5 – it will have image quality of Midjourney Version 7


  • getting closer to release
  • no release date at this time


  • contemplating on discounts
  • exploring some type of a style space explorer at some point (have rendered 100,000 styles to test things out)
  • sref and cref will not change until v7
  • want to add better trends on the website
  • will do a big, detailed demographic survey soon

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