Midjourney Office Hours - April 24-2024

Midjourney Office Hours – April 24, 2024

Midjourney Office Hours – April 24, 2024, a recap.


Image Generation

  • will open up website image generation to more people
  • this week


  • continue working on personalization models to be able to ship the feature
  • working through some challenges Midjourney v6.1
  • continue working on Midjourney v6.1
  • better image quality
  • better hands, textures
  • no release date

Midjourney v7

  • people working on Midjourney version 7
  • will have more knowledge


  • working on video and 3D
  • building a hardware team, not sure exactly what that (hardware) will look like yet

Will release style codes for the random styles.

Credits: Alie Jules

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