MidJourney Version 7

MidJourney Version 7

Creating effective prompts in MidJourney Version 7 can be a nuanced task. It’s relatively easy to prompt something good, but achieving something great requires skill and patience. In a comparison between MidJourney V7 and DALL-E 3, DALL-E excelled in prompt coherence. However, the aesthetics of images are just as crucial.

MidJourney’s Version 7 has seen significant improvements in prompt coherence. Yet, the more specific your idea, the more challenging it can become. The key to unlocking its full potential lies in understanding how to replicate very specific photos.


Let’s delve into an example. Imagine trying to replicate a studio photo, used as a reference, not directly fed into MidJourney. This process is not always straightforward, especially for those new to MidJourney. It involves a mix of trial and error and starting with a foundational prompt.

Consider a scenario where you want to create an image of a young man lounging on an orange bean bag.

The initial prompt would be basic, and the result, while matching, might lack the finer details. By incrementally adding specifics such as the background color, clothing details, and positioning, the image gradually aligns more closely with the reference.

For instance, adding details like the subject holding a soccer ball and a smartphone, we observe incremental improvements. However, MidJourney Version 6 displays certain limitations, especially in rendering hands. Further refinements, such as specifying cropped jeans and white sneakers, enhance the accuracy. We then specify ethnic features and the setting, adding elements like the atmosphere for a more polished appearance.

In a more complex replication, imagine trying to create an image of a woman on a balcony in Prague.

Starting with a basic description, we gradually add details about her focus in the image, her clothing, and her environment. As we continue to refine the prompt, including specifics about her socks and hairstyle, the image becomes increasingly aligned with our reference.

Both examples illustrate the iterative nature of prompt crafting in MidJourney Version 7. Detailed prompting is crucial for achieving specific results. The process demonstrates the system’s improved coherence but also highlights areas needing development, such as the rendering of hands and feet.

These scenarios underscore the importance of precision and patience in creating specific imagery with MidJourney V7. It’s a testament to the platform’s evolving capabilities and the creative potential it unlocks for users. As we continue to explore and understand this tool, the possibilities for generating detailed, tailored imagery only expand.

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