Midjourney Office Hours - July 3 2024

Midjourney Office Hours – July 3, 2024

Midjourney Office Hours – July 3, 2024, a recap by Alie Jules.


  • starting to move website to open launch
  • will try to synchronize rooms with Discord
  • new personalization onboarding
  • improving onboarding

Midjourney v6.5?

  • will take 6.5 and break it into two releases: pixel quality and hand/body coherence and text accuracy
  • may call them 6.1 and 6.2
  • will try to get it out sooner or later, but it will still be a while (training runs are slow, and many levels of QA)


  • it’s like a new model
  • David is encouraging everybody too use it
  • will slowly move toward some kind of personalization system
  • demographic explorer: may release explorer based on demographics e.g. male vs female, age, countries (if will release would be launched relatively soon)

Midjourney v7

  • is moving along
  • will be faster, better aesthetics, better language understanding, better quality


  • moving along slowly
  • will be good


  • moving along slowly
  • feel conflicted about it (will need to be good)
  • will take longer


  • trying to get other weirder projects off the ground 🙂
  • in a few months we should see some cool stuff!!

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