Midjourney Office Hours - June 19 2024

Midjourney Office Hours – June 19, 2024

Midjourney Office Hours – June 19, 2024 by Alie Jules.


  • if you haven’t tried personalization yet, do it 🙂
  • rate images (about 200) and then use –p in your prompt to get your own code
  • personalization is going to be default in v7 (most likely)

Demographic survey

  • you can fill out a demographic survey (you’ll get fast hours)

Blending of srefs and personalization codes

  • update coming later today
  • will be able to blend several together
    -e.g. you can blend several srefs and several personalization codes


  • continue making improvements: https://alpha.midjourney.com
  • thinking about adding more community things e.g. the popular sref
  • will start allowing small batches of random people in soon
  • will add some type of sref encyclopedia once find the best way to do it

Midjourney v6.5

  • training
  • moving along
  • image quality will be very good
  • in a few weeks

Midjourney v7

  • work in progress

video and 3D

  • after v7

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