Midjourney Style Weight

Midjourney Style Weight (–sw) Parameter

You can use the --sw parameter with style references --sref to adjust the strength of the stylization. Style Weight --sw 100 is the default – you don’t need to add this to your prompts. --sw range is 0 to 1000. --sw 0 cancels out the --sref. Let’s explore this feature.

How to use –sw parameter

Prompt: a woman wearing goggles –sref 364111995 –sw 1000

a woman wearing goggles

The differences between –sw 100 and –sw 1000 can be subtle.

I typically don’t add any –sw into my sref prompts, the default works great.

But, I do run tests at the beginning, just to see if I like one value vs. another.

I typically run the tests like this, with permutations:

[my prompt] –sref 1234 –sw {0, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000}


[my prompt] –sref 124 –sw {0, 250, 500, 750, 1000}

Both give me enough range to see which value of –sw I prefer.

Even if you see an ‘illustrative style’ it can most of the time be transformed into something like this. This is the same –sref I used for the comparisons.

And here are 99 random sref codes for you to play with: https://aiiqportal.com/random-srefs-1/

Credits: Alie Jules

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