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Midjourney –sref Codes

Alie Jules: Ok getting somewhere with my attempt to list ‘some’ Midjourney style references. In other words, 0.0000001% or something long those lines, of style reference codes are added. Meanwhile here’s a sref that caught my eye.

Midjourney –sref Codes List:

  • –sref 71
  • –sref 1557554703
  • –sref 2028329475
  • –sref 2974021716
  • –sref 2656431748
  • –sref 2930026128
  • –sref 1557554703

–sref 71 More below.

prompt: a sleeping cat –ar 3:2 –sref 1557554703

It’s a fun one. –sref 2028329475. Colorful, chaotic, and bright.

Here’s one I’ve been honing in on the last hour or so.

–sref 2974021716

minimalist, light blue tones, lace, fragile, elegant

I ran over 500 variations of this sref changing and refining prompts and testing all parameters. At the end of the day I preferred the one with no additional parameters except on a few occasions when I added a sprinkle of chaos into the mix.

It took more work to get this style to ‘co-operate’ vs. for example, the one, the illustrative one, I shared yesterday. I do love this minimalist style. Could be fitting for a fresh skincare or lifestyle brand.

Midjourney Style Reference code. –sref 2656431748

Bold, powerful, and vibrant. Strong, deep, rich colors: teal and orange.

A stunning Midjourney style reference code. –sref 2930026128 Iridescent, feminine, ethereal. Sparkling, flowery, fluid. See below.

Midjourney Style Reference code that is. –sref 1557554703

Midjourney Style Reference code that is. –sref 1557554703

Aspect ratio can also affect the outcome i.e. making it a photo vs. an illustration. Here I used Colorado as the prompt. The only thing I changed was the aspect ratio from square to –ar 3:2

P.S. Looks just like my hiking scenery 🙂

Prompt: a sleeping cat –ar 3:2 –sref 1557554703

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