Midjourney --p --sref Features

Midjourney –p, –sref Features Update

Midjourney Dev Team adding more advanced options today for --sref (style references) and --p (model personalization).

New Features for Style References

  • You can now blend multiple --sref codes together (for example --sref 123 456
  • You can now blend style reference image urls and sref random codes together (for example --sref 123 url
  • You can weigh individual codes or urls as follows --sref 123::2 456::1

New Model Personalization Blending

  • You can now blend multiple model personalization codes together like --p ab12ad3 cd34gl
  • We’ve also enabled blending with the same notation --p ab12ad3::2 cd34gl::1

Blend your personaliation and style codes with those of your friends and explore new spaces of mutual aesthetic harmony! Have fun.

Try at: https://alpha.midjourney.com/