Midjourney Personalization

Midjourney Personalization

New Midjourney Personalization Feature is here. Things are getting personal with Midjourney. Introducing: Personalization (–p). Right now model personalization learns from votes in pair ranking and images that you like from the explore page. Let’s take a look.

NOT Personalized and Personalized images

What is Midjourney Personalization?

→ It’s a new algorithm that learns your style over time.
→ Learns from your pair ranking votes and likes on the explore page.
→ Needs at least 200 pair rankings/likes to work.
→ It’s an experimental feature, use with caution.

How to use Midjourney Personalization feature?

→ Just add –p to your prompt.
→ You’ll receive a unique personalization code.
→ Others can use this code to apply your style
→ You can control strength of it with (–s 1000 or 0)
→ 100 default, 0 is off, 1000 is max.

It also works with other features like –sref codes!

–sref 4248842730

–sref 4248842730

Midjourney personalization with character consistency (–cref):

Credits: Dogan Ural

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