Midjourney Office Hours - March 27 2024

Midjourney Office Hours – March 27, 2024

Midjourney Office Hours – March 27, 2024. A recap by Alie Jules


Working on the next rollout:

  • access to more people
  • new social/group features

Midjourney v7

  • moving along
  • better image quality, prompt understanding, aesthetics


  • will try to push model personalization out in 1-2 weeks
  • you will be able to turn the personalization on and off
  • will be off by default for v6
  • it’s not really a ‘style’ – will change the biases e.g. from the default Midjourney model biases
  • if you want to be ready for the personalization, you can do that by rating images for about 10-15 minutes (on the website /rank)
  • will not come to Niji!


  • may have one more update to improve body, hands, etc.
  • may have a speed update (not 100% sure yet)
  • looking at doing a style random
  • Not doing a v6 style tuner.

Rating party for captioning.

  • asking people to describe images to help improve prompt understanding
  • approximately in a week
  • two rounds of ratings (write your own captions, then rate which is a better caption from two options)
  • do NOT use AI to write your captions!!

News and Bug Reporting features now on the website.

50/50 3D will come before video. Video before end of the year.

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