Midjourney Style and Character references

Midjourney Style and Character references

Midjourney becomes more powerful when Style and Character references are used together! You can make your photo mimic the look of any other image style! Formula:

p + (s+c)ref + cw.

Expanded formula :

Prompt + Style reference (Target Style) + Character reference (Your pic) + less character weight.

Midjourney Prompt should describe the target image style along with the character. Setting the character weight (cw) between 0 and 20 works best.

Midjourney Style and Character Example

Example #1

Here is the generic prompt:

[Prompt for the image style including character] –sref <Target_Style_Image_Link> –cref <Your_Pic_Link> –cw [0 to 20] –v 6.0

You can use the describe function to find good suggestions that match the style you’re aiming for in your image.

Prompt used for the main post image : stunning, pristine futuristic white man, with a white background, modern minimalist view with pure white aesthetics, few red outlines and eyes –sref https://s.mj.run/Ae72KkKDZjE –cref https://s.mj.run/PUGHm3RPcH0 –cw 5 –v 6.0

Example #2

Trying to copy profile image onto the dollar note!

Credits: @umesh_ai

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